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poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2013

News ^^ :D

I invite you to my TUMBLR here you will find various news from the life of my Sims <Cristiny> if you have a tumblr you can add this to my followers in this way you will know that I added a new post ^ _ ^
Zapraszam na mój TUMBLR tutaj znajdziesz różne nowości z życia mojej <Cristiny> simki jeśli masz tumblr można dodać mój do swoich obserwatorów w ten sposób będziesz wiedział, że dodałam nowy post ^ _ ^

piątek, 29 marca 2013

Cristina Adler

Hi folks first decided to set up !tumblr! Of course I will continue to lead the blog, but tumblr for a variety of other ways more meaningful to me (so I threw more stuff there than on the blog, so I encourage you to look for frequent there ^ ^) but to the point, I decided to create a new Simke, which of course will show you, and here it is


sobota, 23 marca 2013


buuu ;)

And I'm still waiting for the sims 3 university life: (Unfortunately, they get only 31 April (Easter) wooo by the time I managed to learn a few skills Simke my niezbędych to this field of study and decorate the house, and now I'm waiting on top of ...

Now I'll show you a few pictures of her home (a little too little shit ...)

And now a few more photos

poniedziałek, 18 marca 2013

My new sim

As promised here's my new Simke Alyson Aloud, yet it is not on mediafire, but I'll try to put it more tomorrow;)

Pictures of faces

Pictures of tunes, let's start from the everyday

As we do not want to insert links to clothes from the Sims, so they do not put: D

niedziela, 17 marca 2013


Hi folks, long time no posts he published here, but no need to fix it and tell you what's new with me, and so is working on a new Sim, which will go on to study the artistic profile of the new innovations that's probably all well and just yesterday I went shopping and I bought converse c:

Like it? They are in such a lush triangular patterns :)

piątek, 8 marca 2013

My new sims+...

And now I invite you to the promised sims Anne Stine

This picture came out a little not ;( :D


Unfortunately, I have so many things from the internet so it's easy for me to remember everything, so today you a link to the independence stronek, of which I have clothes
And now some pictures of Sunlit Tides

I hope sims and photos of Sunlit Tides you like them :)


Hello, I want to tell you that my work was placed on the side of ts 3 by Bozena (as in short) I'm just saying this because my work has been appreciated, and your blog noticed: D This is the first step on the way to visit my site :)

Small ads parish !
Even today, my new Sims appear on the blog, so feel free to wait: D
Finally, I bought a Sunlit Tide and I am extremely happy, drop you a few photos from this island :)
And here you have a link to sites Bożena--> ts 3 by bożena

środa, 6 marca 2013

My new sim Laura Neall

Welcome to my new blog, today I'd like you to meet my new creative imagination which Laure Neall, can tell you a little about it ... so Laura terrible pessimist, does not suffer from the world of nature, children, and generally everything bothers her is a perfectionist because wades into end, her beauty bears witness to it, does not care about yourself and your appearance, and her dream since childhood was to become a ... witch working in the store, well, it would be enough, and here is the same Laure Neall


Just to mention a few clothes that I downloaded a very cool party
Casual Clothes:
Sweater and pants --> Prada sims
Dress Visiting Card:
The entire outfit--> Ace creators
Shock and shame ^^
Sports Outfit:
shorts, shoes and long socks--> Modish kitten
Dress The Surface:
jacket-->js sims 3
pants-->irida sims 3
Skin-->orange sim club
Hair-->oh! my sims

And that's it, I hope you like it Laura :)